Sunday, August 22, 2004

Why Cheating is not Wrong !!

First, if you are a girl reading this i can almost guarantee your disapproval. So just don't bother reading what i have to say.

I have come to the conclusion that, the act of cheating on the girl that you love is symbolic for the love that you have for her.

Cheating is viewed by society as a sin, never given the oppertunity to be classified as a symbol of love. Examine it deeper and you will come to learn my wisdom. U cheat on your girl, makeout, fondle maybe even go all the way BUT where do u always end up?? BAck with the gurl u love!

Isn't that the most important thing. You found someone else, you conquered her yet your heart wouldn't let you leave the gurl that u loved. DOn't see it as a man's infidelity, see it as his realization that he loves you and always wants to be with u. IF he didn't love you, he would have left you and gone with the other.

So instead of a girl being mad at her guy she should embrace him and thank him for this WONDERFUl deed that he has done, Expressing His endless love for her!

THink about it!

p.s. i haven't cheated on the girl that i love, not because i don't love her but because i am scared she will kick my ass.